Important Notice of Cancellation 2020 Century Bike


We are all going through some tough times due to Covid 19 Coronavirus, personally, state / territory wide and Australian wide.

As a result of these tough times, acting upon current ACT restrictions, and listening to advice concerning active social distancing and duty of care to all participants and the community the National Police Memorial board supported by Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners has decided to:

Cancel the 19 September 2020 100km bicycle ride around Canberra precinct and the memorial service at the National Police Memorial.

Being conscious that the ride is symbolic to many, and in the spirit of the Century Bike Ride, remembering the fallen, catching up with mates and in the capacity of safe cycling, this decision has not been made lightly. But more to the point of keeping everyone safe.

The National Police Remembrance Day on Tuesday 29 September will be an opportunity for you to catch up with the live stream of the national memorial service. No matter where you are, be it at home, somewhere on your own state or territory, standing next to your cycle, or somewhere special to you, you can watch the live stream through Facebook and still be part of the memorial service and this special time.

Throughout your own ride, should you have one, wearing a mask is encouraged and be mindful of safe social distancing at all times.  

For any update state /local information please refer to you state / territory coordinator or visit the Century Bike Ride web site

In conjunction with the Wall to Wall ride, raffle tickets can be purchased on-line until midday Saturday 12th September 2020. Your chance to win a Yamaha MT-09 motorcycle, and to support Police Legacies.

Finally, thank you all for being part of this year’s 3rd ride, and, thank you for your understanding.

Be safe

Scott Weber, Secretary                                                Deputy Commissioner (NSW Police Force)

National Police Memorial Company                         Mal Lanyon – Patron

13 August 2020

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